• Construct reinforced retaining wall behind studio using hollow concrete blocks
  • Re- build existing steps to studio and construct new steps up bank to new raised level
  • Construct reinforced retaining wall from concrete blocks faced in brick with the wall to curve with the natural landscape
  • Construct paved area at base of bank in a curved shape to mirror eyebrow windows on property
  • Lift existing paving and steps from rear door and re-lay terrace at correct level below DPC. Construct steps to be more even and safe but in-keeping with the style of the original paving and property
  • Dig around house at side path to create narrow airflow channel

Customer Testimonials

"Tell Tom we will be writing to him to say how delighted we are
with the finished job, but we need a wet day as otherwise
we are out there “playing” in our new super duper back garden." John & Margaret - West Chiltington


With the emphasis on working with the landscape, using natural materials was important. The retaining walls needed to blend into the surroundings and work alongside the curved bank. The terraces on separate levels all came together in this inviting space, with continuous use of brick edging providing a natural flow.


We used Tumbled Mint Sandstone paving for both terraces and step area and bricks for the retaining walls and to edge terrace and steps. 


Completed by the clients.

Quality Promise

We like to use the best materials available to us while ensuring materials are locally sourced, ethical and sustainable where possible.