Design Brief

  • Remove conifer trees
  • Retain privacy
  • Create a clean, simple (flat) family friendly garden in this large space in Hove.
  • Feature steps and mound at the back.

Customer Testimonials

"Our complete garden makeover was a huge success. Lots of ideas, great knowledge and a friendly and trustworthy team. Couldn't recommend enough." Melanie, Hove

What we did

There was one main issue with this brief, the clients wanted a flat space and the house and garden was built on a hill!

We installed a 500mm raised border on the north side of the garden and a 500mm sunken border on south side of the garden using green oak railway sleepers, imported around 40tons of topsoil and hey presto! A flat garden.

We constructed a raised border with concrete blocks across the rear of the garden to be planted with giant bamboo to provide privacy.


The client had the idea of some tiered steps in the garden after a visit to the sky line in New York, she also wanted a raised mound as favoured by small children. The steps were designed between us and the clients who had a strong sense of what they wanted to achieve. We suggested poured concrete for a contemporary look and a long lasting, low maintenance construction material. The result is understated yet stunning and ticks all the boxes for functionality and design.


The planting in simple, minimalistic and low maintenance. The aim was to provide strong architectural evergreen shapes when established with good contrasting textures and colours in Summer and Autumn.

We hope to be invited back for the next stage of the project when the house extension is finished!